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Walking labels

labeledMost of us look at people and immediately stick a label on them. Beautiful, blond, fat, silly, strong, arrogant, dark… and we stick them without knowing anything about these people.

Of course I believe that the first impression is very important and if the intuition is offering the insight and the information then it is absolutely true.

But intuition doesn’t put labels. Labels are put by the ego.
Intuition does not judge, just gives information. Ego judges, trying to make others feel bad, in order to make us feel good (!!!).

Many think that they are smart by putting labels; there is a whole way of thinking where you are cool by just judging everybody around.
Well that’s not cool.

First of all you lose the real value of people around you and the chance to get something they can offer.
Then, since it’s easy to judge vulnerable people, you make them feel small and worthless while they have a lot to give. Seemingly vulnerable people, like highly sensitive (hsp) are in reality walking miracles, and they have so much to offer when this world finally accepts them.
Be advanced; get these offers first by exploring the people others reject. This is much cooler!

Train yourself to stop sticking labels. At all!
Then you will see a lot of value where there were labels before.


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