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Coaching groups for parents

Be a Parent and Feel Great
Build the Foundation
For Happy and Successful Children

What can you expect when you participate in this coaching group?

Most of the parents have the experience that when they actually become parents they have to compromise a lot. All the dreams of raising a child or more, all the joy that they have in their mind for when they will become parents dissolve under the pressure of reality.

The children are more and more demanding on everyday, practical, sometimes not important things.

Everyone around knows everything about what has to be done, and in most of the cases they create a lot of pressure on the parents.

Doctors, psychologists and every kind of professionals make you worry every day about the health, the problems, or the wrong things you do to your children.

Where is the fun, then?

Where is the miracle of being parents?

It is always there, exactly where it is supposed to be.

If you join the  coaching group for parents you will be supported

  • to find the way out from all these traps,
  • to find the way to be relaxed and in control and take the right decisions every time instead of reacting to what jumps in front of you,
  • to find the way to take care of yourself, and always be ready and strong when your children need you,
  • to create the bases, the foundation for your children to have self-esteem, to be strong and to go effortlessly for happiness and success, without needing substances of every kind.

But most important:

  • We will help you uncover all your personal patterns and beliefs that don’t allow you to be happy and strong yourself and become the parent you want, all these things that are coming from your childhood and are not useful any more.

So the coaching group for parents is not just a tool to make you better or more joyful parents, but also a life-changing tool, to improve your relationships, your way of life and your presence in this world.

For details or if you want to participate to a parent group contact us by calling to +30 210 8087 861 or by clicking here


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