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Group Coaching

People in Coaching Groups usually have common or similar objectives or problems.
The sessions take place in person or by phone via teleconference. In the second case there are many advantages, people from different parts of the world can participate, there are no delays because of traffic or any other loss of time.

The Group Coaching has the advantage, comparing with the individual coaching, that every one can learn more by hearing the problems and the solutions of the other participants. There is a whole group, not just a person, accepting you the way you are, without judgment.

Each one becomes coach for the others. A pleasant cheerful atmosphere that is created helps you to be more open to others, but mainly to yourself.
This way you learn to be coach of yourself, acquiring coaching skills, like understanding, ability to listen deeply to others and yourself without judging and to find solutions before problems are accumulated, skills you can use in your entire life.

Group Coaching is ideal for cases as:

  • Personality Empowerment,
  • Addictions,
  • Diet and losing weight,
  • Personal and Professional Goal Planning,
  • Improving Financial Situation,
  • Relationships,
  • Parenting

and many more...

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