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Do you have a power team?

How many times did you share your ideas and your dreams with your friends or your family and the feedback was "are you crazy"? Do you remember how did you feel after that? Do you know how many wonderful ideas, inspirations and opportunities are lost just because you are missing the right people to discuss about them and get the support you need?

Our tradition, the way we learned life and of course business, is not by itself success oriented. Very few people had real support when they were children, so as grownups they can have clear mind, common sense and are able, when they think of something, to just do it.

The trouble is that our friends and our family, in most cases are not the right people to understand our inspired ideas; they just want to keep us safe, therefore inactive!!! So if you want to be successful in your business and your life, you need someone who knows that you're already safe, someone who can feel the value of your inspiration, but most important someone who will make YOU feel good about it, because you will go into action.

Our advice is use a coach, a mentor or a mastermind group, don't share your ideas with people who are not ready for them because they might just put you down.


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