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Personal Coaching

Personal is one on one coaching that may take place in person or on phone.

The advantage is that the coach is there just for you, that means all the time of the session is yours and you don't share it like with the business coaching and you can don't have to share delicate personal details with others.

This is the most powerful way to remove your inner obstacles, achive goals, make big changes in your life, your relationships, your carrer or just your way of thinking.

If you need more attention and exclusivity this is the best way to start and put the foundations for moving forward.

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Group Coaching

People in Coaching Groups usually have common or similar objectives or problems.
The sessions take place in person or by phone via teleconference. In the second case there are many advantages, people from different parts of the world can participate, there are no delays because of traffic or any other loss of time.

The Group Coaching has the advantage, comparing with the individual coaching, that every one can learn more by hearing the problems and the solutions of the other participants. There is a whole group, not just a person, accepting you the way you are, without judgment.

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Coaching groups for parents

Be a Parent and Feel Great
Build the Foundation
For Happy and Successful Children

What can you expect when you participate in this coaching group?

Most of the parents have the experience that when they actually become parents they have to compromise a lot. All the dreams of raising a child or more, all the joy that they have in their mind for when they will become parents dissolve under the pressure of reality.

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