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Sensitive People

Do you often hear other people telling you that you are "too sensitive"?

Are you affected by everything around you, like noise, too much information, and other people's stress?

Do you need very often some moments of relaxation because you feel overwhelmed from too much information?

You are not dysfunctional or sick, even if you have been told so.

You belong to the sensitive people circle.

What does this mean?

Sensitive people are absolutely normal people; it's just that their nervous system runs on completely different speed. The term HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) was created by Elaine Aron. She discovered that 15-20% of all human and higher animals have different ways of reacting to the environment's stimuli.

Vision, hearing and all the other senses function differently, and information is processed more detailed and more profoundly.

Sensitive people are usually the pioneers on many fields in life. They always dare doing new things (all inventors and explorers are sensitive) and have a deeper connection with art, for example they get touched more easily by a piece of music or theatrical play. They can also communicate more easily with someone who needs understanding.

Of course there is a dark side that can be very annoying when you are sensitive. The fact is that a sensitive person, who was not accepted or was abused in childhood, can develop a very negative character, maybe more negative than someone who is not so sensitive. That's because people who feel that they are victims can in turn become the worst victimizers.

How can a coach help a sensitive person?

Actually most of the people who came to me for coaching are sensitive. This kind of people feels the need to change something in their lives. Most of the non-sensitive people, no matter how much they complain about their lives, they don't have the ease towards change. They accept themselves as they are.

For sensitives change is a necessity, not to say a way of life.

A coach can help sensitive people:

1. To understand their particularities and who are they.

2. To change the way of thinking, from defensive or aggressive to creative enjoying their gifts.

3. To accept that there is a need of relaxation more often than in other people, that means to relax, take a rest, stay in low light, in quiet, away from stressful stimuli.

4. To discover the hidden and often obvious talents to use them for themselves and also for others around them, also for making the world a better place (something that the sensitives love to do).

5. To realize and accept that sometimes they cannot do something the way they are told to if they think there is a better way. A sensitive can finish a job in a few minutes using a different procedure, and the rest of the time feels guilty that the others are still working.

6. To develop the special gifts, like intuition, telepathy, communication, deep understanding, maybe healing abilities, love for teaching and guiding, also spreading ideas, gifts that other people need to spend a fortune to gain.


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