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Some thoughts about success

For most people success is to have money, easy life and a great lifestyle, be powerful, have the respect of others, love from the opposite sex etc.

For me these are not the ingredients of success but rather the side effects, or maybe the symptoms. But the surface may lie.

For me success is to be where you feel good, and this is not so much an external condition but a state of mind. For example someone may have all the ingredients mentioned above, and many more, be wildly rich, have everything he wants in the world but the same time to be deeply unhappy.

I don't consider this person to be successful. For me this person is just wanting more and will always be unsatisfied.

So like someone who is healthy may or may not look good, have a good skin colour, strong hair and generally look handsome and strong. The same time someone who is successful may be rich, powerful, and impressive. What you see in the outside is sometimes not really representing the inner state.

Successful, for me, is someone who feels good where he/she is, but the same time wants to grow, enjoys every moment in life, does things from the desire to create and not from the fear of not having enough, is pleasant to other people, has always something nice to share, is not afraid of the world and the future. Success, like everything good in life, starts from the inside.

To be successful is to feel successful. This means to get rid of all inner limitations, fears of life, control attitudes, suspicion and judgment.

A great example is Lester Levenson, the creator of Sedona Method. He was very "successful" according to what he was showing to the world but deeply unhappy, and very sick.

Actually when he was 42 years old the doctors told him to go home to die because they could not do anything to help him.

He managed to turn this around, by shifting his way of thinking. He removed all the neediness, he released all the negative and limiting programs and beliefs from his mind and managed to be cured and live another 42 years, in deep peace of mind, sharing his discovery and helping a lot of people. As for the external success, he didn't need it any more but it was coming anyway.

This is exactly the Coaching for Progress principle. Create the base, the inner stability and afterwards you can build on it anything you like.

Great "Success" to everyone!


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