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Questions about Life Coaching

Q: What is Life Coaching?
Life Coaching is an self improvement process that focuses completely on you.
You become an expert on yourself, understanding the critical gap between where you are and where you want to be. You learn how to strengthen your self esteem and conciousness and how to plan and execute action steps so you can reach your desired success.

Q: Who is your Life Coach?
A: Your Life Coach is your success partner who will assist you to improve and grow as a person, and guide you on your way to achieve your goals.

Q: Why hire a life coach?
To achive your personal, professional, spiritual or family goals more effectively, more completely and with more fun than trying to do it yourself alone.

Q: How does it work?

A: Your coach will assist you to identify your self-imposed obstacles and further assist you to overcome them to reach your goals. Your coach will provide life options, new perspectives, encouragement, and concentrated attention to give you the insight, and confidence to take life-improving actions towards your goals.

Q: What can I expect from Life Coaching?
You will see your life getting easier and more pleasant, yourself more effective and whatever was considered very difficult to just become reality.


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