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If your business or your work was your lover

Are you laughing? It actually is. It's even more; it's your life partner.

So how do you imagine your life with your precious lover?
Do you share everything and love each other? Or do you just expect from it to love you and serve you only?

Do you accept it the way it is? Or do you always try to change it?

Do you recognize its needs and honor them? Or do you think it is just your slave and its only purpose is to give you money and the rest of the time "shut up" and disappear?

Do you respect its personality and its specialties? Or are you cursing every time something goes wrong, ignoring every moment that is fine, hating your lover for every mistake that happens, taking as granted when things go well, hiding your real thoughts, telling lies, trying to cheat and deceive, never appreciate, and maybe sometimes even be abusive?

Well, if your lover was treating you like this would you stay and offer your love? Why should your business or work do it?

Just think about it.


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