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Freedom needs courage and virtue!

eagle1Facing yourself is probably the most difficult part of gaining freedom. To say it in simple words, not everyone is ready to be free.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think that not everyone deserves to be free, the opposite. Not only do we all deserve to be free but it's also our obligation (metaphorically) because by setting yourself free you can pass on the message to next generations, by becoming the example, the role model.
Read MoreWhat I want to say is that getting out of prison or getting rid of a tyrant does not mean automatically freedom. Inner slavery is more powerful and more painful. At the same time just like the external, inner slavery includes a comfort, in the form of addiction to pain and fear.

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Exploring the miracles

Miracles have no level of difficulty and they are all the same. The level that we experience now comes from the mind and our belief system.

What is miracle?

Miracle is the freedom to form what we call reality, the freedom to change, adjust or play with it. It’s the quantum reality.

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Letting go does not mean giving up

Many self-growth techniques, and especially the Sedona Method, ask clients to let go of wanting to achieve goals or wanting to succeed. Of course if you are not familiar with self-growth this request can give you great confusion.

Letting go and giving up are two completely different things.

Giving up means that you really want something and you kill this desire. The usual reason for this is disappointment or negativity. If you have a dream and everyone around you tells you that it is either silly or impossible, even if you don’t believe them, your subconscious mind will sabotage your dream, if you don’t give it up completely.

If you give up all the time, the reason is low self-esteem that comes from constant negativity and abuse (usually verbal).

So giving up is quitting, hiding from reality, escaping from something good, falling to the comfort of pain and fear, (yes there is such thing).

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Some professionals promise great changes in your life and after failure they blame you because you didn’t follow the instructions properly.

Maybe they are right but this is only part of the truth.

If they promise the easy solution, the one that you don’t have to move your finger and everything will change miraculously, well they just lie.

If you are in trouble you will keep being busy taking care of your trouble. Haven't you seen people in depression being tired all day although often they seem to do nothing at all? They just get exhausted with the activity of the mind.

So if they promise you great outcomes without inner change just dont buy.

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You don’t need to try hard in order to be Grateful

I often see people trying hard and using techniques, because they heard someone saying that they need to be grateful. Most probably they didn’t hear the whole message, just the gratitude part.

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3 simple tools to make yourself happier

For many people life is a burden, a big effort, every day and every moment they have to prove their value, well not just their value, rather their right to exist.

It is not so much the experience and the knowledge from living that lead them to this situation. It’s rather an unconscious way of acting that comes from what they have been told during childhood.

Let’s face it, very few people respect children. Very few people take children seriously. And this is a recycling attitude, most people think that they need to make this effort for survival, for approval, for proving their value, and they get angry with the children who don’t actually think that they need to do the same.

Do you see here a self-preserving system of behavior? The people who need approval most, are exactly the people who hold the approval from the next generation.

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3 ways we deal with Important, Urgent, and Comfortable

What makes people to be effective or ineffective is the way they manage time, resources, and energy according to their importance. Most of the people divide them into Urgent and Important. I think that a lot of time flies away on Comfortable activities.

Let's first talk about the ones we are used to discuss. The important activities are the ones that directly or indirectly have an outcome for you and your business, a goal achievement, a strategic plan, even a few days of rest to gain new energy.

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Study: Unhappy people watch more TV

From the news: An extensive new research study has found that unhappy people watch more TV while those consider themselves happy spend more time reading and socializing.

The University of Maryland analyzed 34 years of data collected from more than 45,000 participants and found that watching TV might make you feel good in the short term but is more likely to lead to overall unhappiness.

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Do you have a power team?

How many times did you share your ideas and your dreams with your friends or your family and the feedback was "are you crazy"? Do you remember how did you feel after that? Do you know how many wonderful ideas, inspirations and opportunities are lost just because you are missing the right people to discuss about them and get the support you need?

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For Passion or for Money?

Srully Blotnick, Ph.D., made a survey to find out what hapened to people who decided to 'go for the money'.

Srully studied the career choices and financial success of 1500 people, who were divided into 2 groups, Group A (83 percent of the people in the study) chose a career because they believed they could earn a lot of money doing it, Group B (17 percent of the study group) chose a career because of their passion and desire for that work.

Who do you think made more money?

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If your business or your work was your lover

Are you laughing? It actually is. It's even more; it's your life partner.

So how do you imagine your life with your precious lover?
Do you share everything and love each other? Or do you just expect from it to love you and serve you only?

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Some thoughts about success

For most people success is to have money, easy life and a great lifestyle, be powerful, have the respect of others, love from the opposite sex etc.

For me these are not the ingredients of success but rather the side effects, or maybe the symptoms. But the surface may lie.

For me success is to be where you feel good, and this is not so much an external condition but a state of mind. For example someone may have all the ingredients mentioned above, and many more, be wildly rich, have everything he wants in the world but the same time to be deeply unhappy.

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Reason Season Lifetime

Someone sent to me this text and I really liked it so I share it with you Reason Season Lifetime

People always come into your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do. By: Brian A. "Drew" Chalker

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