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Theresia Remoundos


Theresia Remoundos


Business & Life Coach


English, German


I am a Business & Personal Life Coach working and living in Athens, Greece.

Ever since I can remember I liked to listen deeply to friends and family. My interest in people was the main reason why I chose sociology for my studies at the University of Vienna in 1980. I was especially interested in Women's Studies and improving women's life and individual situation.

Attracting what I loved – more intuitively than willingly then – my work experience after finishing my studies almost immediately included coaching activities: training coaching skills to young managers to coach their own teams in a big corporation in Vienna; developing coaching programs and training for unemployed women who needed support and guidance to live a life more close to their dreams and abilities.

Being trained as body psychotherapist (“Emotional Reintegration” a synthesis of the work of W. Reich, F. Pearls and the Primal Therapy of A. Janov) and practicing ever since 1992 in this field I got to know my clients' needs and wants in the course of very close and rewarding relationships.

I married “my” Greek, Antonis Remoundos, in 1994 and moved to Athens. I gave birth to my first daughter Anna this very year. Our second daughter Stella was born in 1998. I love being a mother seeing these wonderful creatures blossoming and flourishing and developing their own unique personality. I am grateful for being a parent because I get the chance to grow and expand my abilities every day – as much as my children do.

As an entrepreneur in the natural food business I learned all the skills necessary to be a leader and manager of the company my husband and I owned for ten years. I had been into self-improvement since the early 90s feeling that I needed to do something (more, different, any kind of action, change my way of seeing things…) that would bring me satisfaction in my professional and personal life. Reading and working through the works of leading self improvement experts it was a surprise to me then to discover that we can have a major influence on our life ourselves –leaving the concept of being a victim behind, taking over 100% responsibility, and letting go of limiting beliefs and programs. The spiritual journey had begun. It was more and more clear to me that by coaching, guiding and teaching others in a business and personal life context I had found my own life purpose.

For me coaching is the perfect tool to support you to work out the dreams you have for your life, to create your highest vision, and – what is still more important to me – to go for it. As your life coach I can help you to be persistent and to stay accountable when difficulties come up. The coaching process offers support over a period of time so you can learn and practise new self-coaching skills for yourselves and get feedback for what you do. You do not have to invent the wheel again and again. You can allow yourself to take help and use tools that have been proven to be useful and practical for others many times before.



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